Watch all new episodes of “THE LYONS DEN”!

Episode 2.10 – “New Faces, New Places”
Angel continues to be harassed by Rodney about the paternity of Leesy; meanwhile, J.C. begins chemotherapy.

Episode 2.9 – “Back To Life, Back To Reality”
The Lyons family must deal with the aftermath of the events of last night as try to piece together the remaining pieces of life as they know it.

Episode 1.8 – “No B.S.”
Things come to crashing halt when each of the Lyons’ siblings and those around them either make decisions or find out information that could change the course of their lives forever.

Episode 1.7 – “Coming Home”
As Keysha gets the shock of her life, Sherrí is taken to the edge.

Episode 1.6 – “Daddy Dearest”
The Lyons family throws a party in honor of their father’s birthday which brings up different memories for each of the siblings.

Episode 1.5 – “Kissing You Is All That I’ve Been Thinking Of”
While things between Norman and Sherrí continue to heat up, Keysha is worried that she may yield to temptation; meanwhile, Detective Cameron Willis continues to try to solve the case of William Lyons’ murder

Episode 1.4 – “So Gone”
Alexander “AJ” Moore, Jr., an old friend of the Lyons family, comes to town to visit and seems to have his eye on Keysha

Episode 1.3 – “Back, Back, Forth and Forth”
The Lyons siblings have their first therapy session which recalls past emotions and events from the last few days.

Episode 1.2 – “Saturday”
As the Lyons’ siblings continue to cope with the death of their father, Sherrí continues her affair while Keysha continues to worry and reach out to J.C.

Episode 1.1 – “Dawn Of The Day” (Series Premiere)
After the sudden death of their father, the Lyons siblings gather together for the funeral, but tension rises which causes for a difficult transition.


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